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Waste compactors

Waste compactors

Azem Services is characterized by providing a large fleet of work equipment according to the highest local, European and international quality standards for security and safety, consists of portable waste compressors with different capacities and sizes, as well as ground compressors characterized by high-quality European industry is not available to competitors, and is one of the most important requirements of major customers To meet their needs and execute them to the fullest, these compressors came in different sizes and capacities and wonderful modern electric shapes.

1- Waste compressors.
Ground Compressors are an alternative solution for small containers that are carried on a daily basis.

2- Portable waste compressors.
We provide all sizes in compressors 12 yards and 20 yards. These compressors are the most used for cleaning companies as they are very suitable for the business environment and requirements.

3. Sale of cleaning equipment.
What distinguishes us from others our business activity is to provide our customers road sweepers French Scarab and waste presses Orakshi Turkish and all equipment and machinery cleaning

4. Waste presses.
Its products are characterized by high quality and durability.

5- Road sweepers and sidewalks.
Its products are characterized by high quality and durability.