Rappin’ Legal Topics

Rappin’ Legal Topics

Yo, yo, listen up, I got some legal knowledge to drop

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Everclear legal in Minnesota Everclear Legal in Minnesota
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What is needed for a contract to be valid Valid Contracts Legal Requirements
Can you sue a contractor for taking too long Suing a Contractor for Taking Too Long
Boston Legal Emmy winner Boston Legal Emmy Winner
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Aboriginal womens legal service Aboriginal Womens Legal Service

From Everclear to Alpha Contracts, we cover it all

Legal guidelines, and contracts, even cultural differences stand tall

Whether it’s hair salons or suing a contractor who took too long

We’ve got the info, like Boston Legal’s Emmy winnin’ song

Administrative law in India and Led Valve Caps in the UK

We cover the globe, from business culture to Indigenous women’s say

So come on in, and check it out, we’re droppin’ legal knowledge, ain’t no doubt

Get your learn on, with these rappin’ legal topics we’re spittin’ out